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    • Comment on Edmund Gosse and Austin Dobson on September 1, 2012

      […] Edmund Gosse and Austin Dobson – Amanda French0 Gosse also offers his own “Wouldst thou not be content to die” as an example, writing that “In English I do not think any have yet been printed, except one by … […]

    • […] de chapeau au Passé: J’ay perdu ma Tourterelle, translated here…(Lichtenstein too-two-II, of course…tipping the hat is so much better than tipping the […]

    • […] Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’. There’s much more about Thomas’s poem here, part of a whole doctoral thesis on the villanelle form. Another example is Sylvia Plath’s […]

    • Comment on Théodore de Banville on May 12, 2011

      […] Theodore de Banville (1823-1891) is responsible for this in a significant way, as discussed by Amanda French and others. It is not of little consequence that aspects of the form connect with the flowering of […]

    • […] Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night […]

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    • Comment on John McCrae on April 25, 2015

      Michael was responding not to LHJ editorial material, but to a patriotic marketing full page full colour ad placed by Bauer & Black surgical supplies with several errors place in the US Thanksgiving issue.[ SEE your image of page]. She saw it the day after the False Armistice was announced in New York, and was taken by the American painting by Philip Lyford, doughboys rising to heaven, appropriately bandaged, interpreted as calling out to her personally to remember when lesser mortals – like their families – would forget.  Compare to R W Liliard’s early 1918 much- republished ‘America’s Reply’. He speaks of fighting on, she of herself and openly repeats his final verse.One can wonder how Canadian subscribers to the LHJ reacted to the ad, this butchery of the ‘In Flanders Fields’ story from a country that had so recently abandoned neutrality to take  up arms on our side…     

Source: https://villanelle.amandafrench.net/?page_id=606